Custom Glass and Porcelain Murals

We understand that even with all the tile patterns and colors on the market today, there are still some projects that need something unique. Tuo Sogno can provide you with that special touch. Any personal image, pattern or idea can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind mural, in either glass or porcelain tile.

Custom Bisazza Glass Murals

Bisazza has been creating custom murals for many years. The colors are handpicked from the Bisazza color pallet to match the pixels in your image. You can even add one of Bisazza’s gold-leafed tiles to your mural for a bit more sparkle. Your custom mural will be just as durable as all other standard Bisazza decorations.

Top Hat tile- Custom Porcelain Tile Murals

Top Hat Tile has merged the ancient art of tile mosaics with modern robotics. Unlike traditional mosaics, which are limited to only a handful of pre-made colors, Top Hat Tile can produce millions and millions of unique colors to match your image accurately. This is the most precise way to reproduce your image into a mosaic. Top Hat also offers their own selection of patterns and blends, which are completely customizable to your project.